What To Wear: Summer 2013 Outings with Celeb Stylist Derek Warburton on WPIX-11 Morning News!!


Very early Wednesday morning (July 24th 2013) I had the wonderful opportunity of filming a style segment at WPIX-11 NYC Morning News with fabulous celebrity stylist, Derek Warburton .

At 4:00 AM, before the sun rose over NJ & NYC, I awoke to prepare for the exciting day ahead! With only having 40minutes of sleep total, I popped out of bed and ran into my bathroom in a frantic hurry, washed my face, brushed my teeth and started to apply my makeup to be camera ready! For those who personally know me, mornings are not my friend; what can I say, I’m a night owl, but my excitement was running high and my adrenaline was-a-pumpin! At 6:00AM I left my house and drove to hoboken to meet with the rest of the bloggers being featured – Dana Prigge & Adrienne Laurén of The Daily Fashionista & Carla Ortiz of Haute Cocktail

Arriving at the PIX-11 Studios on 42nd Street was thrilling…I had a flash back to my youth of the WB-11 “song & dance” frog and was a bit hopeful he’d pop out for old time sake! After checking in we were escorted to the green room where we met Derek. We then were sent into hair & makeup for touchups by Caroline Burns. I had a great time viewing all of the garments Derek had picked out for us!
Finally, it was my turn to be styled by Derek for the shoot! A very colorful geometric printed top by Annalee + Hope was being pulled off the rack for me to wear! I loved it and prayed it would look just as great on me as it did on the hanger! I’m a curvy girl so unfortunately not everything is as complimenting as I’d hope for, but this top was fab! Then came the shoes…turquoise/mint straw wedges pulled to amp up the look by AMI Club Wear were super comfortable and the perfect shoe to make any look a statement! My accessories included a wonderful necklace from Anne Taylor Loft, earrings & bangles the ring by Charming Charlie and bracelets by Me, Dara Senders.
Finishing off the look was a great tan purse and bright yellow sunnies from H&M

As all of us bloggers waited in the green room, a producer pulled Carla and I to what we thought was to help block the segment. To our surprise the segment was being filmed outside – right on the street with many passersby wondering what it was all about! The set was adorable and resembled a fun picnic one would have in Central Park. There was even a blanket of astroturf to resemble the grassy field. As Carla & I stood around the producer Marcia told us to get ready, 1…2…3…and we’re LIVE! We were so surprised! We both were now filming the 1st teaser for the segment as the news anchors led their viewers into commercial!


Twenty minutes & few more teasers later we were all called out to start filming without being told what to do exactly besides where to sit or stand. This was alright for we all truly knew naturally what to do once it was our cue. As we were blocked, the news anchor Frances Rivera came out to welcome us! I was so excited to see Frances, it had been months after meeting at a the ESCADA and VOGUE Spring 2013 Fashion Presentation Benefiting The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children,we both attended through mutual friends! Excited to both see each other, very big quick hellos were exchanged before filming, for the segment needed to start immediately!

20130726-113203.jpgSurprisingly, I wasn’t nervous at all! Maybe it was the fact I only had one hour of sleep the night before or that it felt so natural to be sitting there waiting to be filmed, whatever it may have been I never experienced the silent heavy heart pounding adrenaline rush that I’m known to have. It was the first time in my entire life this did not happen when having to perform! I have to tell you all, it felt really awesome! I believe that maybe it was because I honestly felt so comfortable with my fellow fashion bloggers, the WPIX-11 morning team and obviously stylist Derek Warburton! He especially, made me feel so comfortable in my own skin and body, which I normally am, but sometimes us girls – even fashion bloggers can feel a bit insecure! So Thank you Derek!! You’re the best – such a special person and so fun to be around!!! I can’t wait to work with you again soon!




20130726-114424.jpgAs I was introduced to the camera and the tristate area for that matter by Derek, my mind started to think, “Gosh!! This is So Cool!” I’ve been wanting to do this for as long as I can remember and all my hard work and perseverance throughout life has brought me here! Okay now pose your shoes!! Haha!” I am a firm believer of, everything in life happens for a reason bringing you that much closer to your dreams, whatever or wherever they may be!
I was also so excited to watch the other girls do their best modeling jobs on camera! We all have our own individual styles and personalities which brought something special to the segment! It was great to be with a group of fellow fashion bloggers who not only cheered each other on but who were all equally excited for us as a group! I am happy to have met them and I hope we all stay friends!

After the segment was filmed we all were so excited for a job well done! Frances & I were able to catch up a bit which was great! I then grabbed everyone together for final on set pictures!



I am so thrilled I had this wonderful opportunity and fabulous day to meet new and exciting people plus showcase the hottest summer styles to the New York, New Jersey & Connecticut areas! I eagerly look forward to the next shoot! I truly loved working with everyone – Derek, Dana, Carla, Adrienne, and the entire WPIX-11 team!
A big thanks to Dana Prigge for thinking of me to partake in this wonderful event! Derek Thanks for making us all look perfectly #DerekFabulous for our New York Moment and then some! Looking forward to next time!


What did you think about the WPIX-11 Morning news segment? Did you have a favorite look? Share your thoughts here! I’d love to hear from you!


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