Favorite Things Friday – The Rococo of Marie Antoinette

Bonjour mes lecteurs les merveilleux!! – Hello, my wonderful readers!


This weeks Favorite Things Friday is filled with my favorite genre of art and time period in history! Rococo art has alway been dear to my heart! In 2006 when Sofia Coppola directed “Marie Antoinette” my lavish pastel dreams came to life! Each time I watch the film I am transported into a world of fantasy, provincial glamour and french aristocracy and royalty, where I can never get enough! I wish I could live in the Château de Versailles with all of its beautiful chandeliers, plush scenery and lavishly french 18th century architecture, but this will always and forever be a dream! Imagine what life must have been like as a member if the court – a courtier! It was definitely much more difficult than today’s way of life but simpler, simultaneously.

I wonder how long it took to dress in the morning with all of the corseting and hoops and wigs…oh my! I just wish people took dressing as seriously today as they did in yesteryear, but I believe I will save that for a whole other post! Just look at the opulence of their clothing! All the silks and satins, the lace and brocades, the bows and the wigs, the jewelry and shoes!!! It’s so feminine and luxurious! ! (Giggles)
When I grow up, (haha) My house’s interior will most likely be designed to have a modern twist on Versailles! It just makes me feel happy all the way around!

Let us all eat cake or Macarons and enjoy the weekend!!

Merci d’avoir lu! Jusqu’à la prochaine fois, mes chéris! – Thank you for reading! Till next time my darlings!


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