My last day of fashion week was my busiest. Shows on location at Lincoln Center (I almost said Bryant Park) and off location had me running around like frantic well dressed chicken – Couture Chicken in reference to something a little later in my post!  American Express invited me to be a guest in their sky-boxes both at Milk Studios and Lincoln Center. These Sky-boxes are designed to give AMEX card holders (for a fee) a chance to feel like fashion elite; see a show or two with a special meet & greet with fashion industry notables. I was privileged to attend this program as a special VIP guest both at Milk Studios & Lincoln Center!

MILK STUDIOS WITH JEREMY SCOTT:My Day with AMEX was great. Starting at Milk Studios was the perfect way to begin my time with AMEX. As I entered and checked in, their concierge could not have been more hospitable. Explaining the rundown for the sky-room and what would be offered to all of us in all smiles! As I waited to be escorted upstairs by security in a VIP elevator, I was with a group of fashion forward tourists who were so excited to be part of fashion week for the first time. As we introduced ourselves their excitement reminded me of my first time at fashion week oh so long ago! It was a sweet moment! The sky-box was nestled in-between the hair and makeup rooms back stage so we were able to see some before Jeremy’s show! The Sky Box was sweet and comfortable. With lots of champagne, Baked by Melissa cupcakes, tasty hors d’oeuvres, it made my day brighter! Thank g-d for the charging docks too! My phone had already died twice that day at it was only 3:00pm by the time we entered the room. oy! In addition, the hair bar was much-needed, fixing my windblown locks to perfection!

I had always been a fan of Jeremy Scott and I was super excited to finally see his show! He’s such a creative sort with such an edge of pop-art fun! A few minutes before the show started we were all escorted to our seats. At this time I walked around to see all the funky-fun-neon stylings going on from other guests. Everyone looked so fun! The show was fantastic and true to Jeremy Scott’s form by using bright colors, outlandish prints and textures still encapsulating a heavy rock feel with extreme sex appeal! My favorite look was Scott’s finale number! A bright yellow gold chicken coat, with head included strutted down the runway! It was awesome! (DO the Funky Chicken!!) A highlight of my time spent at Milk Studios was getting the chance to meet and speak with Jeremy Scott! He’s a very cool guy, humble and smart!

Next Stop – back to Lincoln Center For Anna Sui in the Sky Box! I have always been a huge lover of Anna’s chic bohemian look and I was super excited to view her collection, even from the sky box! The Sky Box at Lincoln Center was so beautiful and plush! Very different from the Sky Box at Milk Studios. There was an absolute contrast between uptown and downtown! Delicious food and champagne was served to all the guests. Again, the AMEX representatives could not have been more chivalrous and accommodating! As I took my seat  on a very comfortable plush bench, french music started to play which made me so happy! As i glanced to the head of the runway I could see very well that the Fall 2013 Anna Sui Collection was Parisian inspired! Vanity lights lined the exterior of the runways entrance in form of apartment windows! The collection was bright and very chic-ly sophisticated for the known bohemian designer. 60’s inspired day suits were a focus with bold prints and beautifully rich colors in purples, peacock-blue and yellows. It was such a treat to see!

After the collection was over Elle Magazine’s creative director, Joe Zee popped by to speak to us all about his past, present and future at Elle, what he loves about New York Fashion Week, and where he will be traveling to next all for the love of fashion! This was my 2nd time seeing Joe speak and it was so wonderful! He really is a remarkable man whose excitement for life and his work inspires me to be all I can be! Zee’s great and smart advice for those looking to start a career in the industry, and for those who already have careers is passionate and kind. After his question and answer portion of the evening commenced I went over to Joe and spoke to him about how an independent designer can get started in a very over saturated business, he gave me great advice and recommended I contact him when my line was ready! He told me how he loved how passionate I was about it and remembered me speaking with him after I last saw him speak at FIT in 2012.

“You were wearing an orange shirt, right? Wish lots of bangles, sparkly ones!?” said Joe.

That was an awesome moment!!

What a great way to end my time at the Sky Box’s courtesy of American Express!

I can’t wait till next season!


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