MaxMara’s New Visions on Sharon Zobali


MaxMara (one of my favorite brands) has partnered with Parsons The New School for Design in support of the universities Photography program in an effort to launch the best of their most recent graduates & emerging photographers work titled “New Visions”. On exhibit now (which started in March), the MaxMara boutique on Madison Avenue has been home to Photographer Sharon Zobali’s most recent work titled “New Visions, The Kuna Yala Islands.” These images have documented one of the worlds last indigenous tribes the Kuna Yala Indians in their native habitat.


Geography: The Kuna Yala Islands are located on the islands off the coast of Panama – More commonly known as the San Blas Isles. The Kuna Yala Islands are divided into three main lands: Nibaldid in the west, Abargined which is central, and Urbalid in the east.

Daily Garb: The Kuna Yala women are adorned in colorful tribal costumes garnished with beaded bracelets, headscarves, and molas (hand woven embroidered appliqué cloths often portraying animals and flowers in bright colors.)

Beliefe System:The tribe strongly believes in mother nature as exemplified by their belief that each of the 365 islands represent one day of the year.


These photographs so brilliantly shot by Zobali take you on a cultural journey through an island unknown to most. Her use of angles & juxtaposition of capturing daily life as stills truly capture the native purity of the Kuna Yala Tribes at their best and makes you feel as if you can jump right into the photograph and right into their world!
This is a must see! Sharon Zobali’s work will be on display till the end of the month, so do not miss it as you shop the MaxMara Flagship!


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