Dara’s Sent Style: What I Wore On My Last Day Of MBFW (The Girl in the Red Coat)

My usual everyday color like most New Yorkers is black! On this particular day during fashion week I decided to put my love for the non color-color to rest and spice things up a bit! Terribly wanting to wear my red coat, I needed to pair it with something cool and lively. My red coat, a leopard jacket, denim and chiffon oxford (all from Fashion to Figure), gray python print tights by Hue, felt floppy hat from H&M that I bought 5 years ago and am first wearing now, my Coach satchel, and light brown suede lace up boots by an unknown designer made for a fun, chic glam/hipster look (something a bit new to my own personal style). The sun glasses are vintage with purple lenses; my grandmothers from the late 1960’s. My jewelry is all designed and handmade by me. Sadly this is the most color I have worn at one time this season (or in years) But I had so much fun mixing different textures and prints, that I will be sure to do it again!



photos: Sharon Zobali

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