MBFW Fall 2013: Nanette Lepore, I Adore!

IMG_8988For starters I had so much fun at the Nanette Lepore Fall2013 show; from speaking with so many wonderful industry notables and Olympians to realizing that I have a family connection to the designer’s family! It’s a small world after all…!  La-La-Laaa!

As I entered the show backstage at Lincoln Center, the tent  was flooded with models, photographers, press, hair and makeup pros and much more who were there to help the NL team. It was chaotic but all great! As I entered the tent there was a very fun and lighthearted feel in the air which I really did appreciate after my long week of shows. I needed a little bit of cheer to keep my ever so tired self aglow! As I looked around for my seat I spotted this girl (Natalia) whose purse I simply flipped over! She was such a sweetheart, too! As we got into talking about the bag  explaining  how her brother bought it for her in Ohio! I immediately asked where (since I have family in Ohio, which I explained to her!) When she told me that her aunt is Nanette and  after a bout of the game of  “do you know so and so” and realizing that I have a family friend in Ohio whose family is related to Nanette, we finally came to the conclusion that our families are connected! In addition, after being introduced to the entire family I wish I had the opportunity to meet them years ago. They are such darling and sweet people and made my time at the show such fun!

Natalia Lepore Hagan with her awesome Clock Purse!!!

As for the collection: I was expecting to see a more frilly and feminine presentation from Nanette this season, however I was pleasantly surprised how rugged it was for the knowingly playful, vintage and feminine designer. I loved it! Her use of darker tones of olive, plum and black were so beautifully saturated to the perfect hue that the runway lights picked up so well! As like many designers this season, black was a mainstay on the runway, but the way Nanette chose to showcase the color was definitely not hum drum. Lace appliques and mixing textures in the same tone made for a fresh feel to the color.Digitizing the images of the earth for prints was also really interesting. It was faint, but knowing where the idea came from is super awesome! Coated wool that gave the illusion that it was leather,  metallic hologram material that was mainly used for her accessories and sexy cutouts in many of her garments made for perfect highlights …POP! Cocktail dresses and dress slacks to over-sized coats and slim fitting structural blazers that were designed for the modern woman allowed Lepore to appeal to a new younger customer, but still with highlights of the vintage glam she does so well!

A little fun detail about the show that afternoon, was that it took place on Nanette’s daughter’s 16th birthday!

My Favorite Look from Nanette Lepore Fall 2013 the Collection!!!!!
My Favorite Look from Nanette Lepore Fall 2013 the Collection!!!!!

The After Party which took place at The Darby in Chelsea, was full of fun! A party, that was filled with family and friends, great music and industry notables in a trendy atmosphere where all in attendance truly loved Nanette Leopre as a designer, but more importantly, a woman! It was so great personally meeting Nanette in a personal yet lively setting where she re-introduced me to her family and was genuinely interested in my work as a fashion  journalist and designer! Honestly, She’s so cool! :::giggles:::

Nanette Lepore & Dara
Nanette Lepore & Dara
Jimmy Lepore Hagan, Chriselle Lim, Nanette Lepore, Dara Senders
Jimmy Lepore Hagan, Chriselle Lim, Nanette Lepore, Dara Senders

I truly cannot wait to see what Nanette has in-store for us next season! Is it September yet?


Runway Photos: Sharon Zobali

After party Photos: Alix Luntz

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