MBFW FALL 2013 – Lela Rose

Taking inspiration from fairy tales written by the Brothers Grimm, Lela Rose transformed her ready to wear collection into a modern day Cinderella, if you will. Starting the show off with conservative day pieces for the chic 20-30 something woman, styled with large yet demure prints and seamlessly gliding into the elegant “I”m off to the ball” dresses it was a pure ladylike joyful ride of pretty prints, silhouettes and hues. The collection was sophisticated, girly, flirty, and fun; something right up my ally! Even though Lela Rose’s collection was designed for the fall and winter months it felt very much like spring. The use of colors and the large amounts of chiffon and lace made for a light free flowing, cool feel. But in the mix there were definitely your wools and textured fabrics we all love for fall! Not a lot of chunk though, more like a pre-spring collection perhaps? It was a refreshing break from all the heavy layered and fur frocks I had seen all week!

From the beginning to the end, Lela’s collection transformed my hectic stressful mood from running around all week, into one that was relaxed and simple. I can definitely see this entire collection doing very well for the brand. While young woman everywhere flock to stuff their closets with the feminine and chic collection made to make you feel like a concrete jungle princess every day of the week!

Till Next Season


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