DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Margaux Minutolo; Karma for a Cure – Taking Karma to New Heights!

karma-IMG_9689Have you ever had the desire to give back, but wanted to do so in a very fashion forward way? Well, Thanks to Karma for a Cure™ your “Philanthropic Fashionista (as they like to refer to their customers as) dreams have finally come true!

Longtime friend, Founder & CEO of Karma for a Cure™ Margaux Minutolo, always wanted to put her artistic talents to great use. Launching her company in December of 2012 Margaux was inspired by her father’s ten year battle with prostate cancer and his recent diagnosis of stage 3 inoperable lung cancer, followed by multiple brain tumors. She explained “His courage and optimistic attitude coupled with my family’s support and devotion has inspired me to share a chic brand that unites every supporter on the sideline, with the hope of healing their loved ones.” Such a special message Margaux brings to everyone!


As someone who loves being involved with charitable causes, this company really stood out to me! There is none other like it with the message it shares! Ms. Minutolo’s made in America collection is one of a kind. She hand draws each placement print that is the center front and focus of each T-shirt. Each design is partnered with a specific charitable foundation. 5% of your purchase per item goes to the partnered charity. This is definitely a company you want to shop till you drop with. You won’t feel guilty about where the money is going to, knowing you helped save a life! “By purchasing a product that donates to a charitable cause, you are in return creating good karma!” Current foundations that are being designed for are Rational Animal, Break the Cycle ,Hey U.G.L.Y, John Theurer Cancer Center, Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, Phoenix House, Food Bank for NYC , American Heart Association, and coming soon The Calais Foundation. As the brand grows so will their outreach to many different charitable organizations, hopefully leaving no cause untouched!

Shop My Favorite Looks for both the P-Fashionista & P-Fashionisto!

"Peace" of Mind Women's Crop Slouch
“Peace” of Mind Women’s Crop Slouch
Stop Hate Men's Crew
Stop Hate Men’s Crew
*NEW Philanthropic Fashionista™ Women's Crop Tee
*NEW Philanthropic Fashionista™ Women’s Crop Tee
All A Dream Unisex Baseball Tee
All A Dream Unisex Baseball Tee
 Pitbull Sugar Skull Women's Over-sized Tank
Pitbull Sugar Skull Women’s Over-sized Tank
Pitbull Sugar Skull Unisex Baseball Tee
Pitbull Sugar Skull Unisex Baseball Tee

I just so happen to love their logo,too. I grew up always knowing that elephants represented good luck! At Karma for a Cure™ they feel the same stating, “Our signature teal elephant “Karma” with her trunk up symbolizes good luck. For all of our fighters, this elephant is a symbol of strength, and fosters the belief that you will persevere and overcome any obstacle that comes in the way of your journey to health & happiness…Good deeds create good karma. Good karma will create the cure.”
So, are you as ready as I am to shop and be a “Philanthropic Fashionista/0″?

This is sure to be a company to watch out for, to keep on your radar…they are doing big things!


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