MBFW FALL 2013: Christian Siriano


I was so happy to be back at Christian Siriano’s Fall 2013 runway show. The day after the horrific blizzard NEMO hit NYC, many fashion devotees trekked through the snow to attend their beloved fashion week events all around the city. After my cabbie dropped me off in the middle of the completely incorrect street (I wasn’t paying attention to where he was driving exactly…responding to a bazillion emails before I got to the show), I searched for about 15 minutes climbing over mounds of snow for the venue where CS’s show was being held. After being told by a lovely woman sitting at the front desk of an art gallery that I was in fact 15 blocks away from the correct location I panicked! On any given day this would have been fine however, I had five minutes till curtain! What’s a girl to do when the snow is piled on the streets so high it takes five minutes alone just to walk a block?? (sighs of frustration) Luckily I hailed another cab that had to drop me off two blocks away from the show because the streets ahead were blocked off! Sprinting down the street trying not to slip on the ice…I FINALLY MADE IT with no time to spare, or so I thought. Unfortunately, we had to wait outside in the frigid cold for another fifteen minutes before they let us into the venue. But, in my opinion it was well worth it; meeting new people and talking shop about the other shows we all saw during the week, then later seeing a remarkable show!!

The Chandeliers shining bright above me, before the Show Starts in my fluffy warm winter coat!

For his 10th season showing at Fashion Week, Christian took us on a journey to the Golden Age of the Russian Opera! Inspired by St. Petersburg’s Mariinsky Theatre, Siriano collected visions of the opulent and glamorous interiors of the theatre and transformed them into his collection for Fall 2013 – perfectly shown by the tripod of large crystal chandeliers hanging right in front of the runway and the red draped velvet curtains as the backdrop. Perfectly accompanying the visual ambiance were musical stylings by Siriano’s partner Brad Walsh sung by mezzo-soprano Ilene Pabon. “It is very regal and royal with a 1880’s influence but modern and powerful for today’s sexy woman”, said Christian.

Well, all I have to say about this collection was POW & WOW! He has definitely matured in his designing and it showed 100% in his collection! A predominately black and gold theme with select garments fully designed in metallic fuchsia; the collection consisted of multiple silhouettes from lady like suits trimmed with fur and leather to dresses embellished with filigree embroidery and sequins. As each look came down the runway you could hear the Oohs & Aahs from most of the audience. The collection was sleek and sophisticated with just the right amount of exciting detail to keep it classic and timeless, never going overboard. True to form, Siriano’s evening gowns were absolutely stunning, leaving onlookers thinking which function they can wear each gown to next! I’d wear them to bed, just to look as glamorous as possible when I sleep and wake up the next day! But all kidding aside, I was very impressed this season with how the collection turned out and happy to see that followers and patrons of Christian Siriano can grow with the designer, wearing his clothing for a lifetime. He deserved the standing ovation he was given, indeed!

The wouldn’t have been complete without christian’s shoe collaboration with Payless titles “LeToille” which will be sold for just $30USD. Jewelry that accented the collection was designed by Miriam Haskell.

Can’t wait to see next season’s collection!!


Photos: nymag.com

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