MBFW FALL 2013- Rock On, Rebecca Minkoff!!

rebecca monkoffOh Rebecca Minkoff, how I adore you so!
Before the show, when I was given access backstage, I listened to her interviews with multi-media outlets at a time. Minkoff expressed how during her pre-fall season she was inspired by Amelia Earhart and aviation but for Fall 2013 she wanted to expand on this idea into the stars by incorporating space travel. NASA would be proud!
On the runway, the collection was true to RM’s form with elements of modern sophisticated grunge. Where the her inspiration for astronaut chic was implemented happened to have been in the small detail, where she designed and expressed her inspiration for her female aviation space cadet. Adding extra padding to shoulders and sleeves, quilting, wide set sipper and pulls and technologically advanced fabrics with fun and subtle futuristic metallics is what this collection was all about. In my opinion, more than what her inspirations were said to be, I found the collection to be soaked with her ultra hip girly/tomboy mix of outfits stirred up with a very sleek and sexy rocker vibe, exuding a bit of a party girl ready to be unleashed, if you will. The tones were earthy with little pops of brights, the silhouettes were taken from your boyfriends closet and re-sewn to fit a girly physique with dresses, jackets, and awesomely put together separates, and the fabrics were very textural; lots of textural knit, simple wovens, and leather for fall. I with I want every single item from this collection. I’m not even kidding! Rebecca, call me! (Giggles)

The front row scene was celeb filled as expected, I was told by my seat neighbor that #FBlogger Bryan Boy had to leap over a row of sears to get to his from all the photographers swarming around some celebs. As I walked the runway to find my seat which was hidden by all the guests in attendance, (I was wearing flats, everyone was in heals, I’m 5’5, I couldn’t see where I was walking) I accidentally was pushed into Coco Rocha as she was looking for her seat too. We both “OMG I’m So sorry’d” at the same time and laughed and spoke for a bit. She’s a super sweet person!
Other celebs and fashion industry favorites that were in attendance were, Shenae Grimes, Ashlee Simpson, Jaime King, Kate Nash, Nikki Hilton, Hannah Bronfman and my two faves Eva Chen and Leandra Medine who I had the fun chance to speak to after the show, about the show and life!
Keeping with her high-tech theme, a life stream of the runway show allowed those not invited to view the show first hand. Those who were there in person or tuned in from cyberspace we’re able to tweet & instagram their photos and thoughts of the show by using #RMFall, which was the backdrop to the runway for a good amount of the show. Did I do this too? Well, Duh!! I’m a social media fiend. And just when you think she was done with the live spectacles, up-and-coming band Wild Cub opened the show and continued to play their super catchy tunes while the models strutted down the runway. Their music made the whole show come alive. Even though there was a ton going on, the collection was so great that all the other components of the show did not take away from what we were all there for in the first place…to see Rebecca Minkoff’s Fall 2013 collection.
Like I said earlier, I want everything! I seriously fell more in love with RM and I want this entire collection in my closet next year! It was honestly my favorite collection, overall at MBFW! Wahoooo!
Till Next season!

Backstage Photos: Sharon Zobali

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