There is a new emperor in town and he goes by the name of Zang Toi! Mercedes-Benz Fashion week was graced by yet another spectacular show at the tents in Lincoln Center. For his Fall 2013 collection, the Toi designed a collection based on his views of what a Modern Imperial Russia would look like.

Toi took inspiration  from the Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg, often called the “Russian Versailles.” In resemblance to the Grand Thorne Room in the palace he created a color story palate of amber, mahogany and jet in his ready to wear part of the collection. Rich with luscious fabrics and warm elaborate brocades accessorized with fur was the perfect winter story to tell via St. Petersburg. The Gold Room in the Palace also held precedence for creating the later part of his collection. Inspired by the room’s gilded mirrors and jeweled chandeliers; which Zang felt as the most beautiful room he had ever been privy to see, this room helped inspire the evening wear looks that glided down the runway as if they were being worn by the Emperor herself. Rich Jewel tones such as emerald green, amethyst and sapphire, gilded gold and blacks captured the essence of elegance of yesteryear and the silhouettes resembled the women of today. The gowns were absolutely gorgeous.

Zang’s fashion shows are how fashion shows were done in a time of sophistication and elegance. Where models would walk around a room, stop, pose, and really show off the clothes and all its functionality. During this show, even though the only space to walk around was down the runway, Toi’s models did this exact dance. Slowly walking down the runway as if they were floating, stopping for the cameras and twirling as if it were the opening night of the Russian Ballet, gave the audience chills. It was very moving and we even got a glimpse of the occasional tear or heard a whimper of excitement. Of course, a well deserved standing ovation was given to Mr. Toi as he made his way down the runway thanking all of his guests for coming.

We must tell you, that this show was absolutely breathtaking, more breathtaking than can be explained in words, from how the guests were greeted at the door to the music that was playing before the show, and even during the show. It was as if his guests were transported into another world and left with the feelings of being empowered and regal.

We cannot wait for Spring 2013, We know it is going to be spectacular!

xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders

Photo Cred: Alix Huntz

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