MBFW FALL 2013: Feeling Pretty at Candela

IMG_2724IMG_2656My first show at MBFW was a pure ride of enjoyment of cozy and soft glitzy femininity from the 1920’s with a punch of hipster-like western flair. Models stood tall and fierce with layered frocks in ultra pastels and faded hues of pinks, blushes, neutrals and blues – mostly seen for spring. The colors reminded me of a foggy fairy tale of princesses and ballerinas. For contrast maroon, brown and navy were perfectly placed. To add a nice eye catching spectacle, glittery mesh beaded skirts and dresses added a pop of glamor, and so did the knit beanies with broach appliqués. Fringe, lace and western prints made for a more rustic – life in a log cabin approach to the classic girly frocks.
For fall 2013; Candela designer Gabriela Perezutti designed a very wearer friendly collection filled with garments that can fill any wardrobe, such as  classic wool overcoats and twill button downs to thick and softly think and chunky knit sweaters. After leaving the showcase I felt lighter and airy. It was a truly pretty and mystically rustic collection. Perfectly complimenting the clothing, the set was designed with vintage like Candela shoes, heirloom paintbrushes and canvases with largely soft and bold abstract paintings aligned behind and next to the models, along with vintage easels, stools and a chez lounge. It was perfectly staged and added something special to the embrace of the tent – focusing your eye on the story Gabriela was telling.

It was the perfect way to start fashion week. I honestly want everything from this collection in my closet for fall!

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Candela Fall 2013IMG_2658

A highlight for me was speaking with guest Glenda Bailey, editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar; which was the very first magazine I ever opened. It was such a delight speaking with her (one of my idols) about fashion and the industry. She explained her feelings on how this generation, my generation, designers and bloggers a like are the true leaders in fashion weaving a path for new innovation in the industry that has never been seen before! Thanks Glenda!
To see more of Candela: Candelanyc.com
Photos: Sharon Zobali Photography

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