MBFW Fall 2013 – Having A Ball For Fall!

On the first day of fashion week my assistant gave to me, 12 reasons to be thankful for him. La-De-Da-Deeeeee!!
As he puts it “On my résumé I will be adding official bag holder to the list of tasks performed”! Obviously his complaint is only said in jest.
As I approached the tents to meet my fabulous team, assistant Johnny Matatov, and photographer extraordinaire Sharon Zobali the butterflies inside of me grew larger and the excitement grew wider.
You see, I’m the sort that always associates sounds, tastes, and smells with different moment in my life. Therefore, there is definitely a sense that fulfills a certain memory of fashion week for me. In this case, the sense du’jour is smell. The aroma that MBFW has, well, it’s a fragrance all to its own, one that can not be explained. I like to think of it as the smell of all the designer’s, editor’s, buyer’s, blogger’s, stylist’s, intern’s, staff member’s, photographer’s, PR girl’s & guy’s, journalists, and wannabe’s dreams all being draped together, designing a fabulous overhang of inspiration we like to call,”The Tents”. Or maybe it’s just the carpet shampoo they use when cleaning. I’d like to think it was the first option being the sentimental and old soul that I am. But every time I smell the effervescence of the lobby in Lincoln Center and previously at Bryant Park it brings me straight back to the feeling of entering OLYMPUS FASHION WEEK at BP for the very first time with my mom, when we went to go see Academy of Art University’s collection as an invited perspective student. It was the most wonderful experience any fashion obsessed 16 year old could ever dream of. And since then, all the memories that have piled up over the past 13-seasons are once again present onto the fore front of my brain each and every time I walk up the steps that elevate fashion week to such high levels.
Even though I am not that extremely wide eyed sixteen year old girl anymore (writing letters to IMG of how I want to volunteer for the week, even just a day, even if it meant only handing out water bottles or escorting people to the lavatory, not even getting to see a show! Just knowing I was somehow knowing I could be involved with the events that helped to make the fashion industry happy during fashion week was more than enough for me) I still look back and go back and transport my mindset into my sixteen year old self and think – “GOSH; where has the time flown, and how did this all happen!? I honestly never thought that I’d be attending fashion week as press, let a lone as a personal guest of some of the designers. It’s just simply a dream come true and I am so happy that all of you can now follow me on my journey whether it be in fashion journalism or design.
Fall collections are my favorite so I am even more excited to share my take on the collections with you!
xoxo StyleSenders
Photos by Sharon Zobali Photography

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