Feeling The Energy Of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!

Every Season the international fashion industry becomes a family and unites at Lincoln Center for what we like to call Mercedes Benz Fashion Week! As an attendee for the past 13 seasons (wow where has the time gone!?) I find myself, mid week starting to peter-out. Waking up at the crack of dawn, hair, makeup then non-stop fashion shows, events, and late night parties although super fun, it can totally take a tole on a person. We are only human as much as we would like to think we are little fashion-bots running around manhattan in our best ensembles of the year! Ooh La La!

After my busiest season yet, last season I ran myself thin thinking I too was one of the fashion-bots I just mentioned. Going hours without eating or drinking because my tiny little purse did not fit a sandwich or a snack in it, not having enough time between shows to grab a cup of coffee at the Starbucks across the street in the Empire Hotel, or forgetting there’s a snack bar right inside the tent because I’m completely inthralled and in awe of where I am and of all the beautiful collections I just witnessed leaves me feeling more exhausted than usual. This happens to me and I’m sure many of you every season.

I am one that needs to be careful of what I eat/drink due to allergies and health annoyances, NO CAFFEINE ALLOWED, which is the worst and leaves my imagination slim of quick snacks to grab that are nut & mostly fruit free! Am I the only one here? I have been working on this post for a while, contemplating writing it for a few seasons for felt as if I was alone in this situation. But, after overhearing the same complaints of exhaustion from almost everyone I was near at fashion week I figured I’d write this to try and help others who have the same problem! This is when turning to friends who are in the fashion Industry and that attend fashion week on the regular for advice, helps! What does everyone do to stay energized when operating like a La Mode Machine two separate weeks out of the year?

The question was: What do you do to stay energized during Fashion Week?

The Answers are:

Nikki Robinson, CEO Gloss and Glam: “I keep a bottle of water with me, some sort of caffeine, and a non perishable snack.”

Jen Marden,Jen Marden Charety Event Consulting : “I find it really important to eat breakfast and bring something to snack on since shows are all over the city and overlapping with one another! Fatigue is not pretty!!”

Lauren Rae Levy, Celeb Stylist LRL Group: “My two biggest tricks for staying energized during NYFW are zico coconut water in the morning for extra hydration/natural energy, and not going to after parties! When you have to be at Lincoln Center from 9am-9pm, it’s best to skip the parties and stay focused on the shows.”

Catherine Schiffer, Sales Director Bibhu Mohapatra: “Hmmmm…usually I’m really running on nervous energy during fashion week. I need to remember to eat and I try to do yoga to relax.”

Jenicka Hornung, Fashion Journalist: “To prep for fashion week I try to exercise and abstain from alcohol since it’s guaranteed I won’t be working out and probably be drinking copiously throughout the week!”

Eila Mell, Author of New York Fashion Week and Project Runway: The Show That Changed Fashion: “Get the Flu Shot!!”

Taisa Veras, Digital Brand Architects: “I drink lots of water and tea and go to Soul Cycle throughout!”

Crissy McWeeney, CEO The House of Makeup: “I eat an organic diet filled with fruit, veggies, eggs, proteins, and nuts. Coffee is a big help too. Plus all the excitement going on that week helps too!!”

Allison Engelking,Events Coordinator – Elaine Turner Designs: “Bananas and redbull”

Jully-Alma Tavares, Fashion Stylist: “LOTS of vitamins and fresh juices!”

Stephen Marinaro, TheSalonGuy.com : “We all live off Fiber One bars that week! (Laughs)”

Well there ya have it, loves! It seems that the majority tries to keep hydrated as much as possible! I just hope there’s enough time for multiple bathroom breaks in between shows! (Haha)

Happy Fashion Week to All!!


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