The Fashion Week Memoirs of a Jersey Girl & a Southern Belle!

20130126-182230.jpgAt Olympus Fashion Week Spring 2007 I was a sophomore at FIT. During Fashion Week, I had the great opportunity to intern at the Bill Blass offices for the day of the fashion show. This is when Prabal Gurung was creative director. I knew then he’d be one of fashion’s greats! His collection for BB that season was straight out of one of my whimsical, fairy-tail fashion dreams! He is a very talented man! While working for Prabal and his team there were 5 other interns sharing the workload. We all came dressed to the 9’s; dresses, accessories galore, tights to the max, heels for days; trying to make an impression on whomever we could, being so young and wide-eyed!

Leckie Roberts was one of the interns working that day setting up all the BB press kit folders with me. All I remember is when I walked in and saw her multicolor watercolor-like printed dress, I knew we’d be friends! (It was also the first dress I ever saw with a invisible zipper in the back! I LOVED IT!) And sure enough we had more fun laughing and giggling while packing folders than anyone else did, finishing all of our allotted 300 folders before the other group! 20130126-173054.jpg
During the BB instillation at the New York Public Library, backstage the PR team partnered us together with the same group of models to dress. (This is when I learned all about top stick and the miracle of it!) during the show we had a blast people watching (celeb & industry notables) and comparing our opinions on the princess-like collection while figuring out a way to “do more”(whatever that meant) during the show! The fashion industry was our love and we wanted to do what ever it took to get ahead and help each-other. These feelings and actions weren’t faux! And they have stayed this way till this very day & I am 100% sure it will aleays be this way!
After the show is when our “Fashion Lives” that year changed. Leckie suggested we try and see if there was standing room available at any of the shows at the tents at Bryant Park! So, unlike my usual self I skipped my entire day of classes and did just that. I had an overwhelmingly great feeling about things! Our First Show, Badgley Mischka! We were both in shock and awe that they let us in! Then it was Betsey Johnson! 20130126-181000.jpg
What a day a FIT student from New Jersey and a Parsons student from North Carolina had, mingling with those in the industry we looked up to! At the end of the day Leckie found out that her friend had two extra tickets to the J. Mendel show and invited us to be her guests. So the next day we made our way back to the tents at Bryant Park with invite in hand! It was such a treat! As we started to become familiar with the PR girls that ran the check in desks they were kind to us, allowing Leckie and I admittance into a few more shows that week even allowing us to sit in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rows once in the tent.
All week was a fashion week fun fest consisting of attending shows such as DVF, Betsey Johnson, Badgley Mischka, and and J. Mendel and Nicholi by Nikki Hilton. For some reason my most vivid memory of is of us scrablming through the crowd to get backstage at the Badgley Mischka show when stylist, Phillip Block frantically closed Leckie’s purse saying; “Honey, everyone around here has very sticky fingers! just making sure you’re personals aren’t stolen! No one needs a stolen wallet, especially this week! By the way, love the purse!”
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We were even invited to some of the after parties! Our most favorite was the Betsey Johnson after party. We both got to speak with Betsey for about an hour! She wanted to know all about our lives and what we loved about fashion then wanting us to dance with her to some 80’s music that was playing! This all happened one month before my 19th birthday and was basically the best birthday present I could have received that year; making a lifetime friend and having the time of my life! Leckie and I both always say that we could never top this season with all of the lucky and miraculous events that occurred! It was truly something only found in a movie!!

For the next couple of years as we continued our education and careers in fashion we decided to always go to at least one show together, when invited! This tradition still holds strong till this day! Only 2 years were missed due to traveling on Leckie’s part (one year she was in Paris at Paris Fashion Week, I think we can let this one slide! haha) and an injury on my part. But no matter what, the four seasons we weren’t able to be at FW together, we still spoke about the goings on we experienced alone.
Last Season, we were back at Fashion Week for our first time together at Lincoln Center! It was so fun to have my fashion partner in crime back again doing our thing! I cant wait till she moves back to the city so we can have more fun galavanting around the city and attending fashion events together, like it should be!

To, our successes, friendship, and lifetime memories of NYC Fashion Week!


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