Marie Claire Italia’s Pret-a-Porter Spring 2013 Film with Mila Krasnoiarova.

I’ve been feeling very whimsical lately, needing the presence of romantic silhouettes and lustrous fabrics with airy movement in my life. Maybe its because Valentine’s Day is around the corner or maybe it’s just because I am consciously and subconsciously yearning for how women used to “dress” in yesteryear to come back in vogue! I believe it may be a combo of both, a 30/70 split. You decide which reason goes to which percentage. On my search of beautiful fashion for Spring 2013 I came across this video that pretty much sums up what I wish my life looked like at the moment!

It’s almost as if Marie Claire Italia and Director Thierry Le Gouès stepped inside my mind and transformed my thoughts into a spectacular cinematic experience. With designers like Louis Vuitton, Céline, Fendi and Balenciaga, what’s not to love? Mila Krasnoiarova has never looked better either! I will be sure to watch this on repeat for the next few hours…maybe even days! Now I just need to figure out a way to emulate this video in everyday life. Imagine that! Me, gliding through the hair, gracefully falling towards a Balenciaga bag in my favorite LV damier jump suit! Ahh…magical! What a life it would be…Laa-Daa-dee-laa-dee-daah!!

Enjoy my dear fashion enthusiasts! How does this video make you feel? I’d love to hear what you think!!


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