Nylon Magazine’s Pop- Up Party 2012!

Did I ever tell you how much I love Nylon Magazine? Oh well, I LOVE NYLON MAGAZINE!! :::shouts from the rooftops of soho:::

I was first previewed to Nylon my sophomore year in college circa 2007-2008 in my old pal Talia’s room! In fact, if my memory serves me right, I believe she was interning for them at the time or trying to get an internship! Regardless, I just remember how passionate she was about this hot new mag (well new to me)! Never seeing a glossy so raw, young and edgy but still feminine, to be quite honest with ya’ll, it took me a little while to get accustomed to the non-overly aspirational, fantasy-like spreads that were being published in other fashion publications I’d see lining the shelves! Being a college student everything about the magazine just felt right! To my surprise the next year my parents renewed my subscription to Vogue & bought me a subscription to Nylon for Chanukah! When I asked them, “Why, Nylon?”, my mother answered, “Well, the cover just looked like you, your style … so I figured, why not change it up a bit?! They are both so different, it’s great to have variety!” THANKS MOM!!

My very first address labeled “to yours truly” issue of Nylon was the, Dec/Jan 2008/2009 Lilly Allen graced cover which, as a newly turned 19 year old was awesome!
At the time I was a bit obsessed with one of her songs in particular…

I want to be rich, and I want lot’s if money! I don’t care a out clever, I don’t care about funny! I want lots if clothes and (Beeeep) loads of diamonds…

(Not the biggest fan if the next line in the song so I’m mot going to say it out of risk of insulting someone! But it’s a great song!) Catchy toon, though!

Anyway, as soon as it landed on my door step I immediately tore open the untouched plastic cover and immersed myself into my freshly pressed, brand-spankin’-new Nylon! :::Siighhh…smell that great aroma of new paper!::: my life was changed at first page turn…flip!

Visiting the Soho offices last March to preview my jewelry collection, was a dream within my reality! I fell even more in love with the whole vibe of the magazine! Everyone; all the editors and interns were/are so sweet and ready to tell you like it is! My kinda people!

Thanks Dani Stahl for your interest & Tamar Levine for seeing me that day! You gals are awesome!

Anyway, On December 13th I attended a really awesome party! During this past holiday season, Nylon opened a pop up shop on Gansevoort Street in the meat packing district to preview their top pics of the hottest indie designers in town! I was so excited to receive this invite and even more excited to attend! Even though this was the evening I broke my ankle right before hand, I still attended like a real fashion super trooper!

As I walked in, into the highly stylish crowd of hip downtowners the music by DJ Price was bumping, drinks were flowing, cosmetics and hair products by Smashbox and Bead Head was being sampled, and mini cupcakes courtesy of Baked by Melissa were being devoured!

As I walked around the space I spotted some really awesome pieces. Like this $400 candle holder that I for obvious reasons fell in love with! I mean just look at it….its awesome!!!!


On my continued search for great finds I stumbled upon a great set of bejeweled friendship bracelets and necklaces. Excitement overcame me when I realized they were by Frieda & Nellie, a brand co-founded by a past college hall-mate and friend Stacy Herzog! I love all of their pieces, truly! Each are so fun and carefree but with that punch of glitz that all girls, at some point want!

Taking photos on their Nylon-Mag photobooth was fun, too! But the best little surprise was leaving with a bag of all pink candy that consisted of Pink gumballs, pink m&m’s, pink rock candy, and pink chocolate balls! YUMM!
20130110-180757.jpgWhat kept me going all night, other than the great fashion was the music. The sets that DJ Price spun were outstanding! All I wanted to do was dance!It was a mix of oldies and new all at the same time! My favorite kinda party music! Give me a little disco and Britney and we’re set!

Thanks Nylon for the great evening! I can’t wait to party with you again soon!
xoxo StyleSenders










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