The 365th – Kissing 2012 Goodbye!!

HAPPY 365th DAY!!!!
What can be said about 2012, other than it was a hell of a year. So many events occurred this, many happy and exciting others more hum drum but at the end of the day I wouldn’t have changed a bit of it. To list all of the moments that took place in the last 365 days it would take a life time. I’d like to share 36 of my most favorite memories from this year that I hold dear to my heart – in no particular order.
1. Moving into my dorm room for the last time ever.
2. Moving out of my dorm room for the last time ever.
3. Voting in my 2nd presidential election.
4. Making new friends and spending time with the old.
5. Reconnecting and spending time with cousins of mine.
6. Beginning new traditions with the besties, Girls Night!!!!!
7. Contributing to Lucky Magazine.
8. Watching those I love go after their dreams.
9. Gaining a new baby cousin.
10. Being recognized by the fashion industry for my work in the fashion industry.
11. Having the best view of the Empire State Building for the final time.
12. Dancing the night away at My College graduation party with the best family & friends I could ever wish for!
13. Singing with Darren Chris at a random piano bar in NYC. (Amazing)
14. Singing songs from Rent & Les Mis down the streets of NYC with a good friend.
15. Laughing till my stomach hurt.
16. Being accepted to receive my very first press pass for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.
17. Eating cotton candy on the boardwalk for the last time, before hurricane Sandy’s devastation.
18. Shabbat Dinner at FIT Chabad Club.
19. Interning at Bill Blass.
20. Turing 24.
21. GRADUATING COLLEGE – Fashion Institute of Technology (best moment & accomplishment of my life thus far)
22. Seeing the “in awe” look in a very special 16 year old girl’s eyes when sitting front row with me at the TIBI show – her very first time at NYFW!
23. Baking a lot of cupcakes.
24. Playing with baby cousins in NJ & OH.
25. The relaunch of this blog – thanks everyone for reading!
26. Watching those around me become successful in their endeavors
27. Summer fun in Long Island & The Hamptons with dear friends.
28. Quality time with my parents.
29. Celebrating the engagements of my 2 Cleveland cousins & one NJ/FL cousin.
30. Having the ability of continuing to prosper and expand my future endeavors.
31. Finally learning the NYC subway system. (Well sort of…haha)
32. When my friends & I took my 15 year old cousin under our wing one crazy night in NYC, as if she was one of the gang! Best time!
33. Sailing the ocean blue.
34. Realizing that I’m truly on my way to making what I’ve wanted to do since I was a child, happen…and how surreal it feels! How did I get here?
35. Just walking around New York City for hours getting lost, discovering places unseen by me, alone and with friends!
36. Having the remarkable opportunity to interview and befriend designers that I was so fortunate to feature on Style Senders!

The list goes on and on and on but these are the moments for me that stick out in my mind the most!
I want to send a special thank you to everyone in my life who has been there through it all! You’ve definitely made the journey much more interesting and I couldn’t imagine it to have been any other way!
And to my devoted readers! You are the best!!! fabulous, you are! Thank you for reading and following my lengthy banters on fashion and style! Ya’ll mean the world to me and I look forward to sharing my thoughts, ideas and experiences with you for many more years to come! May the new year bring you all great style, health, happiness, and luck to last you a lifetime!


Now drink Champagne till the sun comes up!!


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