DARA’S SENT STYLE: Franken-Fashion and the Cape!


Well, I did it again. I managed to break my ankle walking down the city streets while on my way to a fashion event. Was I wearing stilettos? OH NO, my dear readers! I was wearing my favorite pair of flat boots! Honestly, thank g-d for that. I couldn’t imagine the damage done if I were wearing a pair of glorious pumps. But in any case, like the true fashion-trooper that I am, I carried on and attended the event, pain and all! Not the smartest of ideas, but I did it. What we do for fashion!

The next day my parents drove me to the emergency room in my favorite puppy and pink pj’s I’ve had since I’m 16. I couldn’t put normal pants on!

Note: This was the ONLY time I left my house in pajamas since I was 6 years old other than the time my beasties, freshman year of college, frantically woke me up to go stand online for SNL because dream boat/man of my dreams Jake Gyllenhaal was hosting that night only to subsequently find out, after we were the only ones at 30-Rock at 4:30am…THAT IT WAS A REPEAT!! —- the story gets great, because my 18year old self met Jakey-pooh later that day at the International Center of Photography!!! Aahhhh!! NO, don’t worry, I wasn’t in my PJ pants then! Thank the lord!

Old Navy has the best pajamas by the way – super comfy!! Anyway getting back to the point of all this. After the emergency room told me to see my doctor, I did and he put me in a walking cast!


Ughh, this walking cast is so ugly…. I feel like Frankenstein!

My doctor put me in a walking cast so I would be able to be the cosmopolitain gazelle I love to be prancing around my glorious manhattan as intended, but wait….hold the phone…NOT FOR ANOTHER TWO WEEKS???? I have to wait 2 weeks before I can walk around normally??!!? Oh no, this can’t be happening! :::horror film music::: Well, at least I’ll be in better condition come Fashion Week! :::nock on wood:::

A few days later I had a meeting in NYC that I would not cancel, under any circumstances! So, I had to figure out a way to make my walking cast look either invisible or chic! Even though I think it’s horrendous, the more I looked at it the more I felt it resembled a very popular dress sneaker! Isabelle Marant’s Bekett Shoe, anyone? Not too shabby!

With the thick velcro straps and it’s slight elevation I figured, I’d walk around the city (or ride in the car) thinking that I was wearing Isabelle’s! :::playing mind games with myself:::
To top it off I wore a pair of black cigarette pants from H&M, that were easy to fit into the clunker of the boot! as for my other foot, I chose to wear my most comfortable micro wedges to keep me level, no limping here!

As for the top half of my body; I absolutely love wearing turtlenecks!!! I find them chic, classy, sophisticated, and most of all very comfortable. So, what did I do? You guessed it! I wore my favorite black turtleneck which I actually bought at Target almost 6 years ago. It’s been there through the worst & best of times!

I love you turtleneck, oh yes I do, I love you turtle neck and this is true…

to make the outfit complete I threw on my Mix-Blocked Belted Cape by Nine West I bought at a sample sale the day I became fashion road kill, for 75% off! I’m absolutely obsessed with this cape. I’ve been searching for a great cape for some time now and never really found one that screamed “BUY ME!!!” till I found this baby! I even had to fight off a few onlookers when trying it on! Sorry ladies! This one is mine!!!! the color locking is done so well with the colors and patterns. It makes me feel like a modern day chic feminine Sherlock Holmes! I also had, of course, my trusted Louis Vuitton Speedy to hold all my girly essentials.

To add some punch to a subtle look I accessorized my long locks with this beautiful heirloom like grape vine hair comb. But the major POP came from my clear crystal bib icicle queen statement necklace, which can go with everything!!! Such a great piece for any woman to own! Both from Jewelmint.com


My outfit was a hit and I was around the corner so, I decided to visit some of the faculty at my alma matter whom I have missed dearly since graduation! It was great seeing them all and wishing them a happy holiday! I wonder who lives in my old dorm room?!? Co-Ed Hall 15-J, anyone?? I just hope whomever they are that they love it as much as I did! Oh, the memories! I had the BEST view of the Empire State Building, ever!!

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