Chanukah-it To Me Baby!

Chanukah-it To Me Baby!

On the 4th evening of the the Jewish Festive of lights, otherwise known as Cchhhhaaa-anukah after being stuffed to the max with latkes and donuts (food coma) I felt inspired by the menorah I had lit earlier tonight. Why did I get inspired, you ask? Well, I’ve had the same menorah since I was 5. It’s very cute, white and has my name written on it in pink bubble letters. Even-though the nostalgic side of me really wants to use it till it some how disintegrates, I feel myself wanting something a bit more mature but still having personality.

I was also thinking of really cool gifts to give fellow tribe members in the theme of Chanukah so I put together a collective of traditional and funky menorahs along with Judaic gifts for the fun loving Chanukah gift loving souls.


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