Will You Light My Candle…?

Will You Light My Candle...?
My favorite scent in the entire world is Va-Va-Vanilla!!!! It’s sweet and sugary, and yummy, and pretty, and lovely, and cupcake-y, and dreamy, and creamy, and luscious, and well…the list goes on.
Because it’s starting to get cold out and the holiday season is kicking into gear, it made me feel as if I needed the scent of fresh out of the over warm, gooey sugar cookies and ice-cream to fill the air. That sounds like heaven to me!!!

Will you light my candle? – Rent

came into my mind as I craved to light my house on fire…well just the candles I have in the house at least, and infuse it with the sexy scent of VANILLA! This is a hazard free zone, don’t worry and all my candles are placed strategically to avoid the klutziness, that may occur upon…i don’t know…the spontaneous decision to have a dance party?

On a more serious note…or flame!(haha) I put together a list of my FAVORITE VANILLA scented candles that are absolutely to die for which will make you feel as if you have floated away on a dream cloud!!!!!
Perfect for gift giving or just enjoying on your own in the comfort of your own home!!
If I could eat these candles….I would!
What are your favorite candle scents and flavors? I’d love to hear about it!

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