Missing My Cotton Candy, Sandy!!!! 🙁

20121103-193756.jpg{Jenkinson’s Boardwalk, Point Pleasant, NJ 2012}

I hope all who were affected by Hurricane Sandy are safe & sound with their families!! We WILL rebuild the beaches & boardwalks we all love & grew up on down the shore & we WILL help fix all of the homes that were damaged & demolished in NJ, all of NYC, Long Island and beyond!! It will take time, but we WILL stay strong and get the job done so those who had EVERYTHING stripped from them will feel anew again! ❤❤

I have tons of pictures from my summer trips down the shore, most of them however are not digital. So, with that said, I collected my favorite photos from the past few summers when I visited the jersey shore! Thank g-d for Facebook, right? Anyway I hope you enjoy! Unfortunately, even though the boardwalks in these pictures will never look the same, I hope to one day be able to go back and take more photos of the new & improved Jersey Shore!

20121103-190555.jpg{Pier Village – Long Branch, NJ 2012}

20121103-190903.jpg{Long Beach, Long Island, New York 2012}

20121103-191956.jpg{WarfSide Bar & Grill, Point Pleasant, NJ 2012}

20121103-192715.jpg{Atlantic City, NJ – March, 2010}

20121103-195044.jpg{Jenkinson’s Boardwalk, Point Pleasant, NJ 2010}


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