Having it been a very hectic 2 weeks (sorry for the NYFW post delay, fashion week caused me to tare my knee apart, sarah jessica parker style In S&TC, just not on a runway…more MBFW posts to follow) But, in the midst of things came MY BIRTHDAY!!! Wahhoo!!

I loved getting so many Happy Birthday wishes via phone, facebook, & believe it or not through old fashioned MAIL!!! Yes people, sending something via your local post office does still exist!! YAY FOR BIRTHDAY CARDS & PACKAGES Being delivered by my trusted mail man!! They make me so happy!!

As for the festivities, I just had a relaxing day, which was much needed! Lunch with mom & dinner with mom & dad. I spent most of the day in Hermés, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and Sephora just window shopping and getting some fashion air back into my lungs since I’ve been a bit out of touch since la injury!

For dinner we went to my favorite Restaurant in NJ, Toro Loco! And as usual, it was DELICIOUS!!

20121006-160158.jpg they should prob name this dish after me! Its all I’ve ordered since I’m a tot! (2 Steak burritos well done, one bean & cheese, a side of beans & cheese, rice on the side, red sauce!!!!) are you salivating yet!?!?

But the best part was when my parents surprised me with cupcakes, ones I used to love when I was a little girl. Especially the cookie monster cupcake. Although not from sonny’s bakery (the best bakery in the world that used to be located on the border of Millburn & Union New Jersey, which closed in the early 2000’s) it was still a fun part of the evening




Well, there ya have it!!
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