MBFW: CZAR by Cesar Galindo Spring 2013 collection

Oh what an early morning it was on Friday Sept. 7th 2012. I was commuting to the city from New Jersey and had to be at Lincoln Center to view this seasons new trends at 8am for the CZAR by Cesar Galindo spring 2013 runway show. As many of you can image, the prep for a day at fashion week can be tiresome and waking up at 5am after first getting in at 3am from FNO is hell! But I can’t complain, I love what I do! So, this particular morning after missing my first train and rushing to its next stop, when I arrived I realized that I was on the wrong side of the tracks…no literally…the station changed which side of the tracks that go to NYC!!! Greaaaaat!!! So I rushed in my 6 inch heels, down the stairs, through a tunnel, up another stair case and down the platform!!! Finally, I was on the right side of the tracks again! As I got into Penn Station the train which usually lets passengers off near 7th avenue, let us off all the way down by the Long Island Railroad stops which, on that morning felt like a universe away! After trekking through Penn Station nearing the 8th avenue exit another traveler shoved me making my cell phone fly through the air landing a good distance away from me!! Thanks the cell phone gods that nothing happened to my baby! In then had to fight 3 people and 1 cabbie for a cab…G-D I LOVE NEW YORK!! (same conviction as Samantha Jones leaving NYFW after being splattered with red paint all over her white fur coat in S&TC movie)
FINALLY, I MADE IT TO LINCOLN CENTER!!! And, with 4 minutes left to boot! I’m a speed demon!!

As I walked into the tents of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week I felt a calmness overwhelm me as if I was home! This was my first show there of the season, and it was just wonderful to be back again after 6 months!
After checking in a heading into the individual tent where Cesar Galindo’s show took place I was seated in the front row by a PR girl who told me to sit there because she loved my shoes! sweet! What was even sweeter was being sat next to the creative director of Modern Luxury magazine, James Aguiar. You see, this was an extra special morning treat! I used to watch a show called full frontal fashion religiously in high school and James was a host on the show. Speaking with him before, during and after the show was amazing!! After introducing myself to him he knew who I was by all of my social networking bouts on my accessories collection and my blog. That blew my mind and made me feel great! This also occurred with stylist Lauren Rae Levy who was seated next to James. She too, as a fellow New Jerseyian was great and so fun to talk to!

The lights went down, and the show begins:



Think Juicy Fruit! The collection was bright and colorful with great textural materials such twills, brocades, sequins, silk and jersey. A great way to start off the morning. Many of the pieces reminded me of orange juice, in the best way possible. Or maybe a tropical cocktail of tangerine, azure, chartreuse and turquoise hues. I can see women wearing this entire collection on vacation to a tropical island for days and evening filled with fashionable fun! Galindo’s collection definitely had a resort feel to it.

Flowy cocktail dresses, maxi dresses and caftans were a focal point within the collection. Also, great structured pant suits and sweaters made a point of sophistication and warmed the hearts of those who may be more conservative.
Bravo to Cesar Galindo on his CZAR Spring 2013 collection. I can’t wait to see more from him in the near future!

The Colorful Collection of CZAR by Cesar Galindo:












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