FINALLY FNO 2012 – NYFW S/S 2013

FNO: (Fashion’s Night Out) = A global stampede of eager shoppers & fashion enthusiasts galavanting around town in their trendiest outfits (some wearing all trends at once) packing into brick & mortar store fronts to gain discounts, free bees, meet celebs, take photos, sip Champagne, while getting a glimpse of new trends for the current season. It’s all lots of fun and a night not to be missed.

I began my 3rd FNO on a good note by grabbing dinner at The Diner in the meat packing district with my friend Chelsea and my mom. Mom, has always wanted to experience FNO, and it was such fun to have her there! As we were eating the fab Joe Zee walked in to do an interview. When he was finished I quickly reintroduced myself to him. We met when he came to FIT to speak to the senior class, and of course I asked him a bunch of questions, one of which was about social media and blogging. He remembered and was glad he could help. Joe is truly a very nice, genuine person! I’d love to interview him someday!
A few minutes after that, Esteban Cortazar walks in & I immediately died! As a kid deeply in love with the fashion industry, Esteban was one of the first designers I could relate to. What made him so wonderful to me was that he was such a strong talent at such a young age. His gowns were gorgeous!!!!!!!! As he was leaving the restaurant I grabbed his attention and he kindly came over to our table. I explained how I had been a fan of his work since he had started in the early millennium! We chit-chatted for a few minutes about what he’s up to now and where we can find his work! You can now find Esteban Cortazar’s collection of This was truly a highlight of my evening!

After dinner, we started walking around exploring what FNO had to offer in the meat packing district.
On the Street:
Another encounter with Joe Zee, but this time it was with his show on the Sundance Channel, “All On the Line With Joe Zee.”



Oh how I love this designer!! The clothing as always was exquisite and the crowd was heavily packed into the boutique. The drinks were flowing, the music was bumping & the festivities were fun. A main attraction to McQueen was the potential winnings of 1of 5 different give aways! “Pick a card from the Wonderwall!”- I was told, to possibly win a Heroine handbag, a skull scarf or the new wrap scarf bracelet; all other cards contained a 10% discount off your online purchase.


Of course I won the 10% off, but it was still fun! Goodness, I wonder how long it took them to package & place all of those cute pink envelopes?!




These accessories are pretty sweet too, for fall!


Leaving the store & hopping to the next, I surprisingly ran into the girls from Such a great website promoting and empowering up and coming female designers & entrepreneurs within the fashion Industry. I’m so excited to be featured in November Issue! Please visit the website and sign up to be a part of the HerHattan phenomenon!!




URBAN SPACES!!!! Social networking myself in chalk!! FOLLOW ME BABY!!


Where to next you ask? OWEN!!
I was so thrilled to FINALLY visit my friend and former FIT classmate’s boutique located in the heart of the meat packing district! Phillip Salem, Owner of OWEN NYC, opened his doors to all the evening of FNO for great fashion, music & cocktails! The store looks amazing and I am super proud of him!

Aren’t the walls ultra cool? Paper bags galore!!
I also met up with two great friends; Jaime Torres & BrendaLiz Fadul of Marc-Ella New York attended OWEN’s FNO party to support our college friend! I can’t wait to see & wear what comes from this dynamic duo!!


Bumping into another college friend who just launched a men’s underwear line, which is AMAZING BTW- at the “Shops @Target” pop-up!


My Last & Final stop of the eventful evening was at Jeffery New York! My Favorite boutique in meat packing!!! The abundance of designer goods crammed sleekly into this store is unbelievable!! Every time I go I want everything – and the night of FNO I wanted even more!!
Signing flyers of the new Broadway play “Heiress” were co-stars Dan Stevens and Jessica Chastain, which was pretty cool! They are such sweet people! It was a pleasure speaking with the actors about the play, which I hear is not to be missed!!


But my favorite part of my time at Jeffery’s was finding this Celine Beauty!!


That concludes my evening of FNO 2012! Please excuse the frizzy hair and shiny complexion, it was mega humid outside! You could cut it with a knife! Not a good thing for a girl with as much hair as I have!!
But, I hope you enjoyed my eventful night just as much as I did!!

xoxo StyleSenders

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  1. We love reading about your fashion week shenanigans! We actually saw you at Lincoln Center (the day when you had an adorable flower headband) but this was prior to learning who you were.

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