I love Milk Studios & I love Costello Tagliapietra, which was perfect because I got to view both the venue and the designer duo’s spring 2013 collection simultaneously!
As I checked in I was told I had been given backstage access! I was happy to review the hair and makeup trends. The hair which was curated by Rita Hazan, was left loose and straight, explained to be the new way to wear your hair frizzy but still sophisticated. CT’s makeup trends consisted of a pink dusting of shadow all over the eyes, blushed cheeks and matching lips. It was all very muted and monotone.




The choice of nail color was sponsored by Essie and beauty.com:


As I made my way to the runway I was pleasantly seated in the front row a few spaces down from stylist Robert Verde who was excited to see what CT had in store for us this season, loving how they design clothing for the everywoman! As I spoke to him about how we met at Olympus Fashion Week 2006 and how we are both from bordering towns in New Jersey the conversation flowed! It was really great! Previously famed for wearing his sunglasses on his head, when I was in Middle School and High School I wanted to work for him, telling him when we first met how I would even hold his sunglasses, when tired! (I was a trip!)



Sitting diagonally across from Barney’s Simon Doonan, was extremely exciting!! I’ve always wanted a chance to meet him and speak with him about the industry and so on; pick his brain! I finally my chance! When talking to him about what he loves about Costello Tagliapietra, he replied “Just knowing that such feminine and pretty clothing come from such husky-bears, says it all!! I’m just happy to be here to see this season’s collection!” Mr. Doonan was so lovely to speak with!




Costello Tagliapietra, best known for their easy fitting and comfortably chic clothing along, with their air-dye techniques mastered it again this season. Reminiscent of the last few season, these aesthetics were very present this season, spring 2013. Simply beautiful silhouettes graced the runway in muted tones of blush, coral, gray, and blue. Garments were rusched in all the right places accenting a women’s figure perfectly. most of the looks one can take from day to evening, making Costello Tagliapietra’s collection this season a “ready to wear” must for women jet setter and on the go!




The front row consisted of Industry greats including Kate Lanphear, Simon Doonan, Patrick Macmillan, Dani Stahl, Meredith Melling Burke, Robert Verde, & me Dara Senders. Yes, I got to sit front row & it was fab!

What I found absolutely amazing was the tag line on the run of show line sheets: it simply stated.

And if you know the fab duo, of Costello Tagliapietra, this was very apropos!!


Till next season!

Runway photos taken by Dana Salzberg

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