Welcome to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York – Spring 2013


Aahhh…it’s that time of year again! NYFW Spring 2013. To start off, if you will, let me send you on an imaginary journey of what it feels and sounds like to be in the tents of MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK!
Now, close your eyes (well imagine you are closing your eyes), listen to –

the calm air of the morning, the streets starting to bustle, the city morning traffic, the horns, the sirens, the chatter. Now you find yourself in the heart of Lincoln Center; photographers shutters snapping, 7inch heels clacking, fingers on cell phone clicking, music playing, fashion industry air kissing, PR girls screaming, the racket of check in, invitees gathering in a tent, more shutters snapping, louder music playing, reporters interviewing, the crinkling of the runway plastic being pulled back, the house lights go down and – BOOM; the show begins!!!!!

What wonderful sounds and what a wonderful and exciting atmosphere to be in!

Today was the start of fashion week and I attended Lauren Moffatts‘ Spring 2013 presentation in Soho. It was femininely refreshing! Tomorrow’s post will highlight Lauren’s presentation! Another event on my agenda today the “picking up of my press pass”! It’s official! I’m a credited press member if Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York!! An absolute dream come true – something I’ve wanted to attain for a very long time! ( Does happy dance )


As invites flood my inbox and I rummage through my closet full of so many clothes while it feels as if there is absolutely NOTHING to wear, I think to myself how lucky I am to be surrounded by so many talented people, and how great it is to be acknowledged as a fashion journalist among the fashion industry!
To me fashion is an art, not just pretty items that hang beautifully in ones closet (although true, too) The preparation and hard work that goes into making a collection, big or small, even the process of making one garment is an act that I feel many think is as simple as measure, cut & sew! But how many of us truly understand the process and ins & outs of the said “measure, cut, & sew”? Designers should be praised and honored for taking the countless hours and in-slept nights for creating clothes for pedestrians everywhere to wear! I mean, really people, thank designers for making clothes, otherwise you’d be walking down the street naked! ( Eeeek! )
All joking aside, I hope that when you read my designer reviews, or any designer review for that matter, you allow yourself to appreciate fashion (apparel, accessories, jewelry, shoes etc) as an art and know that behind the glamourous facade of a fashion advertisement, blood, sweat & tears is what made the sequins & satin ball gown glisten to vibrantly – metaphorically speaking about the blood of course!


I can’t wait to send you through my NYFW-MBFW! Get excited!!! There are TONS of great shows I’ll be sending your way – Hooooraaayyy!!


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