As I stepped upon the BounceBoat last month the first thing that caught my eye was a vendor booth of BRIGHT colored floral headbands! I immediately walked over, I just had to see what it was all about! Low & behold, setting up her fabulously technicolor accessorized table was Michelle Madonna; founder and designer of “That Madonna Girl” Such a sweetheart, she was! I was so intrigued by how colorful and fun each halos was! I had seen halos like this before in larger popular retail chains, but none of them were as fun and flirty as TMG’s. During the evening I asked Michelle how she got started which she answered freely!
Below you’ll find all there is to know about fab Michelle & That Madonna Girl! Are you ready?!!


    GETTING PERSONAL WITH “TMG”; in her words!

Name – Michelle Madonna
Birthday – August 30th (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!)
Originally from? – long island
Sign – virgo but i like to think im a leo
Favorite color – any kind of pink

Favorite food – anything doused in truffle oil
Favorite movie – tie between finding nemo and the dark knight
Favorite song – la la lie by jack’s mannequin
Favorite city(s) – New York & Miami




How did you get started?
-Believe it or not one night I had a dream that i made a flower headband. In my dream I went to the silk flower store, got flowers, cut up leather bands and made beauitful flower headbands. The next day I woke up and searched around on the Internet for cute flower headbands. I couldn’t find anything. It was that day I started TMG!

What inspires you?
-My family inspires me everyday. They are so loving and hardworking and support me in every way possible. My mom is my main employee, we make halos and put orders together and my dad built me all my visual stands. Seeing them so proud and eager to help with my business inspires me so much to come up with new ideas and keep moving forward and building my business.

What is your personal style?
-My style is pretty laid back. I don’t think fashion means you have to be uncomfortable in what your wearing, but I do like stand out in the crowd and always like to have that one funky piece on that everyone notices.

Where did you go to college? Major?nHow does your college education relate to what you do now with TMG?
-I went to LIM College and majored in visual merchandising. I don’t think my college prepared me for TMG because there were so many issues I ran into that my college background could not help me with, however, it did help me to meet a lot of people in the industry that I would have otherwise never met.

How did you come up with your company name?
-I came up with my company name because my last name is Madonna and there were a couple times I overheard someone calling me That Madonna Girl. I liked the it because it was not my actual name. it could be anyone. Anyone can be That Madonna Girl!

Do you plan on expanding into other merchandise?
-Right now I am moving into earrings and necklaces and soon I hope to be a whole lifestyle and accessories brand of festival wear.

When fall & winter roll around how do you plan on keeping your halos relevant to the season?
-My fall lookbook should be up on the site by the beginning of september. I have a whole fall/winter line. However, I am keeping some of the summer styles for my jet setters.



Did you always want to be a designer? If not, what did you want to do?
I always dreamed of having my own clothing line or boutique.

Have any celebs worn your halos?
Julianne Hough from Dancing With The Stars & Footloose just got one of my halos and she loved it!
also TV Host, Marianna Hewitt loves my halos as well


Where do you sell your halos, besides your website? sells my halos and so does Skiffingtons Boutique in Portsmouth RI and Palm Beach, FL
also A boutique in kuwait has some of my halos as well –

What are the materials you use?
– I use silk flowers only, suede leather straps and glass or wooden beads.




Anything else you would like to share with the StyleSenders audience?
– I am going on tour with bounce music festival in the fall and looking for interns to go on the road with me!

AS YOU CAN SEE MICHELLE’s HALOS ARE A HIT AMONG EVERYONE, INCLUDINGE CELEBS & MYSELF!!! IM ADDICTED!! You can wear them out with friends, gallivanting around town, to crazy fun music festivals!! Everywhere you go, wear your TMG Halo!!


Get yours today at


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