Tissue Paper – What makes me feel better when I go ACHOOOOO!!

Tissue Paper
All I have to say is if I had to get a cold, THANK G-D it came before New York Fashion Week!! That’s all I have to say!
A few days ago I started feeling a bit under the weather and I thought I’d give you lovely people a few things that help make me feel better when my head is married to the tissue box! ACHOOO!! I feel better now,which I’m very happy about, but for the past few days,I’ve been in bed watching a few of my favorite movies,(Something’s Gotta Give, The Devil Wear’s Prada, Midnight in Paris, Marie Antoinette; just to name a few) drinking green tea and snooooooozing!
What helps you feel better when you have a cold?
xoxo StyleSenders

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