Bounce Boat’s Bouncing Fashion! 8/17/2012


Heading to Pier 83 at NYC’s Chelsea Piers, I prayed for the stormy weather to hold out till the end of the night, which luckily payed off! In case of a torrential downpour I decided that wearing a dress wouldn’t be very practical for me. What to wear, what to wear!?


I opted for high waisted skinny-jeans from American Apparel, a red & black striped top from Forever21 & a pair of wedges from Kenneth Cole – fun jewelry to boot from Kate Spade & Macy’s INC. the bag I wore was my trusty vintage Louis Vuitton cross body bag! As for my hair, well it’s really long and it’s covering most of my jewelry but I just let it air dry – something I don’t do very often!

As I stepped aboard the Bounce Boats’s last voyage of the summer on Friday, August 17th I began to think what an exciting time it would be to celebrate all things nightlife/music festival fashion! The bright colors- the flowers-the mullet skirts…oh my! The list goes on and I wasnt too far off! Everyone in attendance (well mostly everyone) was dressed to impress the DJ’s (Mysto & Pizzi and Hyperbits) in their booths spinning today’s hottest house music, hoping to make it inside their booth – and also trying to impress everyone around them!

With that said, I gathered a list of the top best dressed bounce boaters! Those who kept it classy while exuding a glow of techno beats and hyper colors and a demure silhouette! From the whimsical hippie, ultra trendy party girl, to the French sophisticate…All these ladies & gents had it goin’ on!!












Well there ya have it!! Did you make the cut?
Can’t wait for Bounce Boat next summer!! It’s going to be AMAZE-BALLS!!
Till next time!!


PS: Item if the night=Halos by
Post to follow!!!

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