Hello Readers:

I took a short hiatus from writing to finish my degree at FIT- kind of cold turkey. Now that I have graduated I am all the more dedicated to bringing you my point of view of the fashion industry and beyond!

Taking the short break from blogging does not mean I am any less dedicated to my readers. I look forward to getting back into the swing of fashion shows, parties, & events very soon!

Mercedes Benz – New York Fashion Week is just about one month away! The Tents at Lincoln Center…HERE I COME  – for the 13th season in a row! WOW! Has it really been THIRTEEN seasons already!?!?! Time does really fly! I started out as a SIXTEEN year old & it just keeps getting better each season.

Although I miss going to Bryant Park like us fashion folk used to do, Lincoln Center captures the art of this ever-changing industry by being surrounded by the world of theater! And, for those who know me, theater is just as dear to my heart as fashion. They go hand in hand!

Well enough of my blabbering….I hope to see you all following this blog as it sends you the latest and greats from here on out!


Here are some highlights from MBFW-NY Fall 2012

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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