Millionaire Matchmaker’s Have a Heart @ PACHA NYC

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Many women (Jewish and/or Single) absolutely love Patty Stanger – The Millionaire Matchmaker and tune into her reality series on Bravo every week just to hear what dating advise she comes up with next! This past season Patty  took her Los Angeles based business and brought it back to the east coast, where she in originally from! WELCOME TO NYC, MMM!

As season three took place in the big apple some of The Millionaire Matchmaker castmates decided to hold a charity event titled “Have a Heart” for the Cardiovascular Research Foundation on February 12th 2011. Andrea Correale, PJ Marks and cutie-pa-tootie Michael Wachs (who many of my girlfriends fancied) were the hosts of the evening which took place in Pacha’s VIP room, Pachita.

The room was filled with many other cast mates that appeared in a lot of the episodes. Instead of making matches it seems like the show made a little reality wannabe family! None of the cast mates that were matched are still together! While sitting on a couch with

two of my friends, Dafna Babchuk and Mitchell Leff Millionaire PJ Marks sat down next to us. When speaking with Mr. Marks about if he was still with the woman he chose to go on a date with he replied “PHhhs YEA OKAY…Are you kidding me? NO WAY MAN!!” Dafna responded in my ear laughing, “What is he, 15?” as he leaped over the sofa while saying “Alright let’s give this girl what she came here for, a good lay!!” I believe he was referring to the woman who won a date with him during the auction. This was kind of a childish response coming from someone who is over 50! Just saying!

Towards the end of the evening Si TV Model Latina Winner Jessica Caban and Comedian Mike Baez emceed an auction and raffle where the highest bidders won dates with members of the Millionaire Matchmaker cast. All the money won went to The Cardiovascular Research Center.

Throughout the evening an array of young to middle-aged New York City professionals filled the room dancing, socializing, and boozing! It was quite the comical sight watching men in their 40’s and older hitting on 22 year old girls! I guess Patty’s word of wisdom of staying within your age range hasn’t sunk in yet! I guess we really are in need of another season in the big apple! I know I’ll be watching it!

The night was a great success for the the lucky winners and the charity. I even believe somewhere amongst the crowd some matches were made! Running into people I know socially was also wonderful but the only thing that would have made this even complete would have been an appearance made by Miss Patty Stanger herself.


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– Dara Senders

Photos provided by Sunny Norton Photography


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