Lea Michele, X-Tina, Black Eyed Peas – Live at the Super Bowl XLV 2011

I love you but PLEASE STOP WINING!!! Too much vocal crying does not always sound good Miss. Michele! But over all you looked pretty! 🙂


Oh Christina, Why did you have to go mess up our National Anthem on Live Television? At the Super Bowl No Less!!!! Oy Vey! Did you Practice? Hmmmm? Well, I’m sorry that your version of “The Star Spangled Banner” wont be aired on the radio as a tribute to the United States of America like Whitney Houston’s is! So, next time you want to represent The Land of the Free and The Home of The Brave, make sure you know the know the lyrics before stepping out on stage! This wasn’t a dress rehearsal!  I do Feel for you though!



So, I absolutely loved how this entire performance was staged!! From the actual stage and it’s awesome lights and colors, so how all the dancers looked like robots from the future! AMAZING!! And What about the BEP”s costumes? They were so great! I loved Fergie’s sparkling football shoulder-pads and how all their costumes lit up but were all different! The Usher performance was also a fun surprise!

However, I do not think they were on their game last night, Fergie sounded like she was struggling to get any sound out of her voice box and without that precious little program we like to call AutoTune, I think the performance vocally would have been more of a disaster! A+ for Effort though! The actual staging and all were great!!



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