Enfants de luxe – Tom Ford’s Fashion Babies?


Okay So I may be a little bit behind on things with this post, but who cares?  I recently came across the Décembre/Janvier issue of French Vogue which was co-edited by none other than Tom Ford, who also graces the cover with supermodel Daphne Groeneveld .

AAHHHH!!!!! – is all I can say about this spread!!! This would have been my ultimate dream as a little girl; to get dressed up like this!! It’s an ultra couture, dressing up in mommy’s closet, face painting, being a princess for the day, cotton candy and bubble gum fantasy!! OH MY!

Mr. Ford is getting a lot of slack for doing this spread…! COME ON PEOPLE, LIGHTEN UP!! Don’t you remember when you were a little girl wanting to smother yourself in your mother’s parfum and limping around the house in your mother’s highest heals while your feet fell out of them, imagining you were a sophisticated princess at a tea party or a ball? Okay so maybe this goes a little bit beyond the tea party but – GOSH! I don’t understand what the big deal is! These little girls look so breathtakingly adorable – doll like! It kind of makes me want one of my own just to dress up everyday or to have as an accessory! Maybe one day! (laughs)

I want every single item in this spread…literally!



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