Forever 21 Will Now Last Forever?

We all know how a retail store like Forever21 is popular for their inexpensive fast and disposable fashions. After going for a night out on the town with your girlfriends, you ever so cute and trendy top is now probably on its way to seem ripping land! ! Worried you wont be able to get a second chance at wearing it again? Worry no more!

Forever 21 is brilliant! They are now selling a miniature sewing kit! Now the item you buy from them will be undisposable!!!

Sewing Kit Details

6″ approx. height; 7″ approx. height w/ handle; 5″ approx. width; 4″ approx. depth
– 24 Spools of Thread
– 1 Scissors
– 1 Measuring Tape
– 1 Needle Threader
– 1 Thimble
– 24 Needles w/ Box
– 14 White Buttons, 6 Black Buttons
– 6 Pairs of Hook & Eyes
– 20 Straight Pins
– 5 Pearl Pins
– 10 Safety Pins: 5 – 20mm, 5 – 28mm
– 4 Skirt Hooks
– 8 Snaps – 6mm
– 6 Snap Fasteners – 10mm
– 1 Set 3-Step Skirt Hook
– Imported

Now you can be the little designer you have always dreamed of but owning this little sewing kit and fixing all your damaged Forever21 frocks!


6 responses to “Forever 21 Will Now Last Forever?”

  1. That’s so stupid. While a tiny sewing kit is a handy thing to have, it doesn’t make their clothes any less disposable. I don’t want to have to mend and fix the clothing myself; not everyone is a seamstress. The clothes should just be better quality in general.

    • I don’t think the REAL reason they are selling the sewing kit is to have you fix your own damaged clothes! Its just ironic since they have a reputation for their items falling apart at the seams! It is a cute gift idea for the seamstress at heart or a cute sticking stuffer for a young wannabe designer!!

  2. I think they should just try to up the quality and make things that won’t rip after the first wear. I think people would rather spend a dollar or two more for that, than buy a sewing kit to fix the crappy v-neck they bought for $4.50.

    • Hey Kelly! 😀
      Thanks for commenting!!!!
      I completely agree! When I saw this online I started to laugh on the inside!!! They just need to start making better quality clothes!! I have actually never had anything rip or fall apart from them though! Most people I know have had that issue! I guess I’m just Lucky! It’s just ironic that Forever 21 is selling a sewing kit when they should learn how to sew better themselves! Maybe they thought that all the FIT students around the corner would have appreciated it….but I think not!!

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