Keep up with your kids like we Keep up with the Kardashians? Kardashian Prepaid Mastercard Launch

Many of us keep up with the Kardashians! How could we not? The fabulous sisters are everywhere –  from their multiple reality show series, three Dash boutiques, and to their newley launched skin care line called “Perfect Skin”(which they really do have!!!) that many can see advertised on last night infomercials.

When you didn’t think Kourtney, Kim, & Khloe couldn’t do anything more – you thought wrong! Shortly after the opening of Dash New York, the Kardashian sisters now have a way you can purchase products with them on your mind! What is this new venture you ask? Introducing the Kardashian’s Prepaid Mastercard  – primarily for teenagers over the age of thirteen so parents can monitor their children’s spending!! The Launch party took place at New York City’s –  Pacha NYC (nigh-club) on Tuesday evening; November 9th 2010! The girls looked beautiful – as usual – (all wearing little black dresses that complemented each other them very well) as they promoted the credit card while filming an episode of “Kourtney & Kim Take New York”! How exciting for all the almost 21 year olds (or so it looked like) that filled the club trying to catch a glimpse of the sisters and/or trying to get their 10 seconds of fame on camera! The sisters Kardashian were sitting in a private roped off area with only two of their friends and camera-men; basically texting on their blackberries all night while taking occasionally taking breaks to sip champagne and eat bags of Pirate’s Booty. At times they got up to dance while smiling and laughing! Although they only partied for a very short period of time – It was really sweet to see the sisterly love among the trio! About five minutes after they stopped filming – Kim, Khloe and Kourtney left the building! Total time spend at their launch party; approximately an hour and a half. Much shorter than the time they were supposed to be scheduled for!

Other reality television sightings: Ramona & Mario Singer from “The Real Housewives of New York” and Kim G. from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” I had a chance to speak with Kim G. on the red carpet. She is a very nice lady. When i asked her about the upcoming season of TRHONJ she explained that people are in for a real treat! Per legal reasons she could not expound on any details but she implied that this may be the best season yet! I personally loved her blue leather and suede dress, her sparkly silver Stewart Weitzman shoes, blue Hermes Berkin Bag and fox fur coat! When asked who her dress was by she told me “I got it as Posh! You know Posh – Kim D’s boutique on the show? Just go there and ask her who makes it! I love it too!” She was promoting the boutique up the wazoo! When i told her I too was from the Garden State she started to talk to me about all different stores including The Short Hills Mall (the Mall at Short Hills) in Short Hills, New Jersey! It was a fun and friendly conversation!

Over all the event was a hit! I just hope that people actually want to purchase the Kardashian Prepaid Mastercard! I wonder if one owns the card can get a discount when shopping at DASH – just some fashion food for thought!
Other appearances by Mike Ruiz, Richie Rich & Jonny Weir

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