F.E.E.D Me Baby! An Evening with Cynthia Rowley and Lauren Bush!

In early October when the chill in the air is starting to become more apparent Cynthia Rowley opened her W. Village boutique to New York’s most fashionable for a Stop-n-shop event for FEED Projects.

FEED is an organization that with the help of “you” (and your purchase of a FEED tote bag or 2, or 3 or 4, teddy bears, t-shirts, and bracelets) provides funding and meals for over 55 million children in their schools through the United Nation’s World Food Program.

The celebration included lots of trendy people and flowing champagne and adorable little au dourves that were being passes around to guests. In the back of the boutique was the little stop-n-shop store that housed and shelved all the FEED products. I spent some time back there speaking with an associate, named Marjorie about all the details of each bag! She was very helpful, friendly and insightful. I learned quite a bit that evening about the FEED organization.

What would the celebration be without hosts  fashion designer Cynthia Rowley along with Lauren Bush and Ellen Gustafson of FEED? I had the pleasure of speaking with each of them at different times throughout the evening. They are all truly special and remarkable women who have dedicated so much of their time to such a reputable and honorable organization.


Cynthia Rowley, Dara Senders, Alison Campbel, Nadine Schulke



Alison Campbell, Lauren Bush, Dara Senders



That evening was the launch of the new FEED T-shirt and the FEED Halloween inspired Trick-or-Treat burlap tote. When you thought the philanthropy stopped here, there is more! When one purchases the every so funky, and fun Trick-or-Treat FEED tote a portion of the proceeds goes to UNICEF!

You can find all FEED merchandise on their website http://www.feedprojects.com/

In addition. I absolutely love, Love, LOVE  Cynthia Rowley’s collection of accessories which are a combo of funky, fun, classic and antique. I have a new-found love for her over sized tassels made up of solids to mixed colors of the rainbow. Any trend-setting gal (or guy for that matter) can sport these tassels on their hand bag, murse (man-purse), belt loops, or anywhere you want to add some funky-fun to your wardrobe!

Cynthia Rowley – Accessories Table! Bow Obsession!!! LOVE!

Some More Photo’s from the Evening!

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Live, Laugh, Love,

xx Style Senders

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