EDITION by Georges Chakra: MBFW S/S 2011

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On September 10th 2010 I had the pleasure of attending EDITION by Georges Chakra at the tents in Lincoln Center. The Beirut native is known for his lavish couture evening gowns which can be seen on all the major red carpets. Chakra has been showing his couture collections at Paris Fashion Week for many years and since there has been a recent demand for his designs in the states, he decided to launch his ready-to-wear collection in 2009. 2 years later his presence is still strong with an even bigger following.

Although this presentation was considered to be ready-to-wear, Chakra mainly kept to his roots of the gown. The fashion show opened with a variety of white and black cocktail sheath dresses followed by flowey numbers paired with slightly over-sized circular looped striped vests made out of a silk-like material. The vests were very interesting and very intricately made. I was lucky enough to have the chance to see them up close back stage.

The evening gowns were beautiful with complex detailing that included; basket weaved midriffs, asymmetrical neck lines and seems, flowing sleeves, and a very large amount of crystal embellishments. A big focal point was on the ombré effect. Bright lavenders that faded into a soft yellow was certainly a wonderful eye pleaser. Turquoise that faded into white was also a very beautiful addition to the collection.

When watching each gown glide down the runway all I could envision were these gowns being worn on and to an extraordinary black-tie beach affair somewhere in the south of France… Oh la la!!… or maybe even in the Middle East! What more could be said about fashion designer Georges Chakra other than what he creates is timeless in the most elegant, elaborate, and imaginative of ways.

– Dara Senders

For additional runway images, check out NYMag.com

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