Touching Versace!

First there was the iPhone, then came all the other touchscreen knockoffs, followed by the Launch of Prada’s smart phone…

NOW Versace decided to get on the technological bandwagon and partner with ModeLabs Group to create the first ever Luxury (touch screen) cellular. This creation is handcrafted in France and is constructed using materials such as high-tech ceramic lacquer with a stainless steel or 18-karat gold trim finish. The back of this mobile phone is made of handcrafted leather in extreme eye-popping pink and purple. But for those who like to keep it ultra classy, never fear Versace makes this phone in black too. And we cannot forget to mention the ever so iconic Medusa head logo embossed on the back.

Ring RIng RIng goes the Telephone!

This fine cell mobile will be available in Versace flagship’s and jewelry boutiques beginning next month. (June 2010) The phone was made by the South Korean company LG which is also responsible for the Prada Smart Phone.

Cost of this baby:

Basic Model:

Euro – 5,500 USD- $6,747

Ceramic & Gold Alligator Skin Model:

Euro- 6,900, USD- $8,464


Carrying this phone may result in ultra fabulousity that attracts those brightly lit flash bulbs !!!


:::::hides face from paparazzi::::

xoxo StyleSenders

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