Sweet and Cheesey!

I am not a really big sweet girl…meaning I don’t usually eat foods where the majority of its ingredients is sugar. 🙂

But there is one little candy that no matter where I am or what kind of mood I’m in,  if they are around there is no doubt…I will eat them. And, that my friends is the oh so amazing, you will get addicted to, never want to be without, gotta have right now, STRAWBERRY-CHEESECAKE jelly bean by JellyBelly.They just make me happy!

Strawberry-Cheesecake JellyBelly

Imagine a burst of a very sweet strawberry infused with vanilla with a hint of a tangy cream…that sounds like heaven to me! To most I know the thought of “cheese” in a jellybean completely repulsed them but once i pretty much forced them to try it, like I they too fell in love and every now and then get a yen for the bean!

I never really feel guilty when indulging in this confection because there are 4 calories per been! A single serving contains 25 jelly beans which makes for a 100 calorie snack. If you are also worried about the carb content, don’t you worry, they only have 1 gram per bean and ZERO fat too.

There is no other jelly that I would want in my belly!

My favorite place to get this flavor is at Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City. You can get as little or as much as you desire. For me, when it comes to buying the strawberry cheesecake jellybean its I tend to lean towards as much as I desire….not always a good thing. But they are just too good!

This little sugary bean packs a pink punch of flavor that is so very beautiful to look at. With that being said, if you are looking for a low-calorie sweet that looks just as pretty as it tastes. then this candy is for you!

Here’s a link to the website! Bonne Appetite!



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