Elle Sent Très, Très Joli!!♥ Est-ce Le Parfum?

Translation:French: Elle Sent Très, Très Joli! Est-ce Le Parfum? 
English: She smells very, very pretty!! Is it the Perfume?

Have you ever been on an elevator that wreaked of the most ostentatious perfume from a passenger that got off the floor before you or have walked through a department store’s beauty department and had a sales person, without any regard spray the newest and latest (and probably unflattering) fragrance in your face? Well to all of us women who have had these experiences at least once in their lives…don’t worry there will be no perfumes being sprayed through your computer as you read this(although smell-a-vision would be pretty awesome right right now. Who knows maybe Smell-a-vision is in our future. After all, The techno g-d’s just invented 3D TV for the home! I wonder what technology is going to be like in the next decade.

Anyway getting back to smelling nice! One single fragrance can send a thousand signals. For many of us girls we want a parfum that will captivate our very own essence and attract outsiders to us. (only the good outsiders ie: cute boys and friends…not stalkers and creepers PLEASE!)

I will always remember how my mother took me to buy my very first perfume at the age of 13. We shopped all the department stores in the Mall at Short Hills (The short Hills Mall) in Short Hills, New Jersey. We made a day out of it, lunch and all. It was very special. I am very sensitive to sents so we sampled about almost every perfume on display. Most of them made my nose feel like it was going to explode and then there were those that were just lovely. After a long day of smelling coffee beans I finally decided on the fragrance SUI DREAMS by Anna Sui. What attracted me to it first was that the bottle was in the shape of a purse. So Cute. But once I tested it..it was love at first sniff! A very musky perfume that has a hint of chocolate. Yummy! My Second perfume was SEXY by BCBG. Remember how BCBG had the set of four different fragrances that were around for a while and then disappeared? I don’t know why they were discontinued! Sexy was amazing!! I actually just found it online and ordered it. The one bottle of SEXY that I received when I was 15 lasted till I was 19. SUI DREAMS lasted from the age of 13-17. The ironic thing is is that I wore them often.

Over the years it has been a struggle to find perfumes that:

  1. don’t smell like alcohol
  2. aren’t too pungent
  3. and don’t smell like ounces of pollen and citrus fruit were mashed together into a bottle!


After researching for my own pleasure I have found an array of perfumes that smell heavily with hints of chocolate, cinnimon, vanilla, almond, caraway, jasmine, musk, cedar, eucalyptus, and much much more. All these hints although in the food family do not make you smell like a bakery. They just leave a very light yet yummy smell and keeping those around you wanting more!

Liste des Parfumes

Sniff Sniff!

1.  ANNA SUI:  Sui Dreams – Eau De Toilette
2. AQUOLINA: Pink Sugar  – Perfume
3. SARAH JESSICA PARKER:  Lovely –  Perfume
4. LOLITA LEMPICKA:  Fleur de Corail – Eau De Toilette
5. CHANEL:  Coco – Eau De Toilette
6. CHRISTIAN DIOR:  Addict – Eau De Parfume
7. BURBERRY: Burberry Brit – perfume for Women
8. VERA WANG: Princess – Eau De Parfume
9. CHRISTIAN DIOR:  Hypnotic Poison – Eau De Parfume
10. KENZO: Amour – Eau De Toilette
11. VIKTOR & ROLF: Flowerbomb – Pink Sparkle’ Eau de Parfum

Les Belles De Ricci Spicy Delight

I currently own six of these bottles and I always get completments when ever I wear one. But the most amazing fragrance I have ever worn would most definitely be Nina Ricci’s LES BELLES DE RICCI (Spicy Delight) When ever I wear this delectable perfume I just feel so radient. If I could I would stick the bottle up my nose all day long so i could just always smell its amazingness! But of course that would just be silly and pretty painful!  This fragerance is made with oriental Hints of cinnamon and musk, low amounts of sandalwood and a pinch of vanilla!! Unfortunately this fragrance has been discontinued and is only available on some online perfume sights!

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